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Take the
Clear Path
to Claim Your
Hidden Funds
before time runs out
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Did you receive a letter
or phone call from us?

If so, we might be trying to inform you that we have located unclaimed government funds that could be rightfully yours.

About Us

Clear Path Claim Entitlements, Inc., specializes in locating individuals who are entitled to unclaimed funds held in the treasury of government agencies.

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Why didn't I know about these unclaimed funds before now? Of course, I don't want the government to keep what's rightfully mine.

You may be entitled to unclaimed, government-held excess funds, but...sadly, many rightful owners are not aware of the existence of these excess government funds or their entitlement to those funds.

Why? In many cases, government agencies throughout the U.S. are not obligated to track down or notify the owners  of excess money owed to them—other than just publishing a list of owners in a newspaper or mailing a letter to an old, unverified address that the agency has on file for the owner. Eventually, with no extended effort to notify or track down the owner, those funds will expire and become unclaimed, permanently. Seems unfair, huh?

At Clear Path Claim Entitlements, Inc., it is our mission to help private individuals recover monies to which they are legally entitled. Furthermore, our agents have been trained by the leading legal expert in this specialized field of recovering excess government funds.

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Yes, in this economy, I could certainly use the extra money. How much time do I have to file my claim?


Unless you take immediate action to claim your funds, the government can take ownership of them.

While surplus government funds are often sizeable — in most cases they are only available to the claimant for a limited time.

If the rightful owner fails to make a claim before the expiration date on those funds, the government agency can keep the funds permanently through a legal process known as "escheatment." Escheat refers to the government's right to take ownership of your unclaimed funds. Therefore, you will want to act as soon as possible to avoid losing those funds forever.

Furthermore, the government agencies holding the funds have specific requirements for proving your entitlement to the claim. Clear Path Claim Entitlements, Inc., is here to help you every step of the way.

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What do I need to do to file a claim? Let's get the ball rolling today!

If you received a letter or phone call from us, your first step is to give us a call back as soon as possible so we can discuss and verify essential details with you regarding the claim.

Once you agree to let us administer the filing of your claim, we will mail the necessary documents to you, along with our service agreement. The best part is you don’t pay us any upfront fees. Our services are contingent on the successful completion of your claim. We get paid at the agreed-upon percentage of the funds collected. Simply put, we get paid if you get paid. If the claim is unsuccessful, you owe us nothing.

For your convenience and to expedite the process, we will send a local notary to you to authenticate all documents that may require that action. The notary will also collect those documents from you and mail them to our office. Once received, we will process the documents and keep you informed of the status of your claim.

Notably, each government agency has its own specific requirements that could impact the timing and outcome of the claim settlement process. Nevertheless, our goal is to complete your claim with a check made payable to you. Generally, you could receive your check within 6 to 8 weeks.

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So, why should you call us back?

Here's the bottom line: 3 key reasons

Awareness | Entitlement | Urgency
Before receiving the letter or phone call from Clear Path Claim Entitlements, were you aware of these unclaimed excess government funds or that you might be entitled to them? To learn more, request a call-back or call us today.
To meet necessary government requirements, your entitlement to these funds must be verified to file the claim. If you agree, we can administer your claim with no upfront fees from you. Complete the Contact Form for a call-back or call us today.
Unclaimed excess government funds are only available, in most cases, for a short period of time. Urgency is a strong factor for filing your claim without delay. To expedite your claim, request a call-back or call us today.
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Please give me a call-back. I want to learn more about funds that could be rightfully mine.
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Take the Clear Path to
Claim Your Hidden Funds

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